Cookware Set Ratings of the Top Brands

When it comes to cookware, you will find that it is not an easy task to get the chefs, moms and cooks to agree about a lot of it so, we are going to use a system that grades the cookware out of 5 and see which ones come at the top. All we can tell you is that the score depends on what the cookware offers, how many units have been sold and what the reviews are saying about it.
These formed the top 3 in terms of the cookware sets ratings of this year by Cook with Tina, and you will find that very tasteful.

All-Clad (Rating of 4.7/5)

The bonded steel gives the All-Clad cookware sets even heat distribution for even greater food results. They have warp-resistant technology, the material does not have any reactants that can get into your food and you will find that it is non-stick.

This means that you can cook low fat foods and also brown your meals without having them stick to the bottom. They are at the top of their game as always. You can also use the utensils in the oven for broiling.
They have been consistently appearing at the top and they get first spot for that.

Cook N Home Cookware Sets (Rating of 4.6/5)

You should see this set to believe it, they have everything and it is all high quality but their price is very fair that most people voted it the best a while back but it keeps on moving through the list from top to third place. The reason why All-Clad topped is because of the material quality which is highest of high-ends.
They made theirs to be non-stick which is ideal when you want to brown food and you do not want to use too much fat. They have a complete set that goes for a price that is so good it has one of the highest ratings that you can find.

Calphalon Cookware Sets (Rating of 4.5/5)

Durability is assured with the anodized aluminum material that grants you a set you can have for like ever. With even heat distribution and tempered glass lids that allow for watching the meal as it cooks without necessarily opening it, you have the high tech in cookware if I do say so myself.

calphalon cookware

Every single one of their pieces comes with a cover. They also have features like markers that help with the saving of time. They also have spouts built into the sets and you can use it in temperatures of up to 450 degrees without any damage. Their cookware is also non-reactive and will not mess up with your food flavor or react with it.

Instagram Profiles To Follow

Are you bored of your rich friend who’s constantly flaunting his new Ferrari ? or maybe all your fitness gurus on Instagram have become so obsessed with followers that all they promote are free giveaways instead of legit fitness advice?

If you want to follow new people you’ve come to the right place. I was browsing the net the other day looking for Instagram profiles to follow. No I don’t mean guys with chiseled abs or girls with the perkiest behinds. I was looking for real people on Instagram who have eloquent humor with a hint of sarcasm. I was past all the teenage angst that every 23 year old was posting about. So here is what I found.


This. Andrew Kovacs pulls together a wonderful, unusual collection of architectural drawings, photographs, and plans (plans, on Instagram! It works!) from a remarkable range of sources. 1960s radomes. 1970s beach futurism. Little-known and long-demolished Mies buildings. As he put it in this interview, “Effectively, I am looking for projects that exist on the sidelines of the discipline of architecture.” Follow it. You won’t regret it.—Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, deputy editor


Just want beautiful dishes on white plates? The Art of Plating is the way to go.—Mark Wilson, senior writer


Herman Miller’s Amy Auscherman has the keys to arguably the greatest design archive in the United States. Deep cuts often make their appearance here.—Diana Budds, staff writer


Hand lettering and gold leaf; gaze back over to digital typography and despair. Also, #icycaps.—Danny Salo, photo editor


Like an alt-universe Instagram account from the world of Francois Truffaut’s Farenheit 451 adaptation, a daily dose of Brutalist beauty.—John Brownlee, staff writer


Vaguely NSFW slices of life that have been covered in neon and sharpened to bring out every detail. Her work evokes Patrick Nagel, Japanese wood block prints, and golden-age comic books with a distinctively pro-fem vibe.—D.S.

Read more here.  Source :

If you’re not into design, here are some profiles with classy humor that will be sure to lighten up your Horrible Monday (and the rest of the week for that matter)

Real Gifts

111031b3ef45c8055edca53e68ba8f228858f3If you’re invited to a birthday party, you need to get a gift. It’s the unspoken LAW of the universe. I usually get birthday gifts that are like tokens or mementos because I am a sentimentalists. But, I am sure at this point, all my friends think I am to cheap to get the real gifts.

I realize people can only take so much of homemade and handcrafted gifts. I have made photo collages, photo frames and hand made cards. Even I realize how tacky it’s getting.

Gift shopping for a anybody is far from easy. I hate saying it but people are really judgmental. There’s always a comeback for every single thing you get them. It’s either too cheap, too over the top or too dull. It’s so tiring to try and please everyone. Which is why I usually get everyone the same thing. So they can spare me the snide remarks and bitching.

I’ve been looking for a few gift ideas websites and I found a couple of really good ones. Most of them suggested about the same gifts. I stumbled upon this best gift ideas and reviews website. It even had a personality toggle which I thought was pretty neat. The site had a tonne of gift idea suggestion guides.

What kept me coming back to the site was that all the gifts there were sold on amazon. Everyone knows how effortless shopping on is. So I guess I’m done with cheap and tacky homemade gifts. I may even steal the show with my insider gift ideas info.

Another site I really liked was . The downside was that all the transactions of purchase was managed by it’s own site. I was a little skeptical at first but the numerous reviews I found online really did help.

Let’s see what I bring to my next birthday party.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts

I wanted my first real blog post to be something meaningful. Here it is.

you-can-find-the-details-and-the-sign-up-link-here-3j4exj-clipartIt was Christmas week and we always have this tradition where I work to secretly leave gifts for our coworkers. It may be pieces of candy canes or thoughtful Christmas gifts like staplers or a Santa hats. It wasn’t planned or anything but we would randomly leave gifts one each others tables before the Christmas holidays even begin.

So this year I was assigned to leave Christmas presents to all the new interns who were at our company. There was Laura, Jennie and Jessie. They helped with a lot of the paperwork and it was a blessing having them around. I was their supervisor so it was naturally my job to take them under my wing and teach them a thing or two.

The first thing I taught them was that work is never ending part of life. I was kinda easy on them the first day. But, on day two, I gave them three ledgers to crosscheck with invoices and tax receipts. It was essential to learn that in taxation you have to finish your task no matter how tired or boring it is. Laura and Jessie started out crunching numbers so fast that I was beginning to think that I was outdated. Obsolete to be exact. They had speed that I used to have, ages ago. The one thing they lacked was persistence. They slowed down to a crawl in an hour.

Jennie on the other hand, was smart. He kept at a steady pace till it was time for lunch. All three of them were smart. They really did impress me. They knew exactly what they were doing. After lunch I had a quick chat with them and pointed out that in this tough world, it isn’t the fastest accountant that survives, it is the one with the most persistence. Well, I thought I did them a big favor.

Time flied so fast. In a blink, their internship was over. Ironically, their last day was the last day before Christmas. So, I made sure I did my part and got them really sweet and cute Christmas gifts that would be momentous. It was to remind them of their time and training with their amazing supervisor.

I found these cute notebooks on a best 2016 christmas gift for her website. When they arrived, I wrote my wishes to them on the first page of the books. Then I wrapped them up. I grew fond of these three kids. They reminded me of my children. I hope they’ll be pleased when they unwrap these books.

My favourite blogs

I love reading blogs. They are perfect to dip into when you have 5 minutes to sit down with a cuppa.

Below is a list of my favourite blogs. These are blogs that have made me laugh and cry. They are blogs that inspire and educate me. They are blogs that encourage me to be a better person and give me the tools to do it.

So pour yourself that cuppa, put your feet up and spend some time reading one these blogs:




Valentines Day Gifts For My One And Only



Do you hear me, talking to you… Across the water, across the deep blue ocean under the open sky oh my, baby I’m trying.

If you find yourself humming love songs all day long, you’ve probably got bit. By the love bug that is. Maybe you’re feeling light headed or maybe you’re constantly on your phone waiting for a text from your special someone. The both of you like each others company, hanging out, fooling around and even just gazing into each other’s eyes. Being IN LOVE is one of the best feelings ever. It’s all fun and games until Valentine’s day is around the corner.

Lovebirds always get a little more wild when it’s time for gift shopping. They slip into some sort of frenzy. It’s mind boggling. I mean how hard can gift shopping be? I would always see my friends looking at online Valentine’s day gift ideas sites to surprise their loved ones. I’d usually just scoff at them.

Then, I got infected. It was scary. I was going insane. I had cold and hot spells, I would lose track of time and I felt that I could give my heart and soul for my new found love, Jane. She was a total beauty and she was the first person who accepted me for who I was. It was a match made in heaven. What more could I even ask for?

I decided to join the pack. I went hunting for gifts at stores and on the net. There were countless other blogs that I checked out but I ended up picking up a Ruby Red Rose and a Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates. The smile on Jane’s face was all I could ever expect.